Business Area

Business Area

Porto Central will accommodate several terminals serving many different businesses in an area of approximately 2.000 hectares.

The different types of terminals are defined through a strategic analysis between the existing logistics bottlenecks and the demands of the national and international market.

The commercial strategy combined with the location and excellence in port management will ensure a solid and successful partnership with terminal operators.

As a greenfield project, which is developed in phases, Porto Central provides flexibility to the terminal operators regarding the design and phased implementation of its terminals.

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Competitive Advantages



  • Close to the main offshore oil & gas fields;
  • Close to the main producing regions of agribulk commodities;
  • Close to the main iron ore regions;
  • Close to the main consumer centers of Brazil;
  • Excellent access to major consumer markets worldwide
  • Most efficient route to Asia and Middle West
  • Excellent distribution hub, in the central of the Brazilian coast


  • Reduction of investment in port infrastructure;
  • Reduction of operational costs by sharing operations;
  • Scale advantages;
  • Integration of port and industrial activities leads to synergies;
  • Tax incentives available in Espírito Santo State are among the best in Brazil.

Port Management:

  • Private port;
  • Simple and cost-efficient operating conditions;
  • Port design based on client’s needs;
  • Assistance in the set-up the Client’s terminal;
  • Operational 24 hours a day x 7 days a week.

Connected Ports:

  • Long term reliable partnership supported by international experience;
  • Part of network of ports of the Port of Rotterdam;


  • Connected to major trade lanes;
  • Multimodal connections available, roads, coastal navigation;
  • Railway and gas pipeline connection under development.