Participation Forums

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Participation Forums


The installation of a world-class and deep water port such as Porto Central, as well as its operation, will be an important driver of socioeconomic development, especially in the region where the port will be installed.

The Participation Forums are articulations of Porto Central with organized civil society, public authorities, companies, class entities and educational and development institutions, which aim to be a space for debate, planning, organization, monitoring, evaluation and formulation of propositions in the fields of socioeconomics, economic development and mobilization and demobilization of manpower necessary to improve the management of socioeconomic impacts with the implementation of Porto Central.

The Participation Forums have as their background the development of Porto Central Socioeconomic Programs defined in its environmental licensing, and were established through the signing of Technical Cooperation Terms between Porto Central and several private and public institutions on May 27 2020.



The performance of the PMSE / PADR / PMD / PCP is a mitigation measure required by IBAMA’s environmental licensing