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Power Generation

Brazil’s demand for energy continues to grow steadily. Most of the hydro potential has been developed or is being developed. Thermal power has therefore become more important in Brazil’s power matrix, both as backup to lower rainfalls and as added capacity to meet the growing demand.

Porto Central is developing an energy generation cluster, not only to meet the growing demand of Espírito Santo, but to deliver power on the national grid which runs near the port. Porto Central is located in a favorable area for installing gas and coal fired power plants. Several private gas power plants are planned in the energy cluster of the port with up to 5 GW capacity.

Porto Central is developing a gas hub, including an LNG import and regassifying terminal capable of receiving the largest gas vessels (Q-Max vessels). This LNG terminal will be linked with gas-fired power plants in the port. Porto Central will also have a coal discharge terminal to receive imported steam coal to supply coal-fired power plant.

As the weather conditions are favorable in the south of Espírito Santo State, Porto Central is studying the installation of wind turbines to generate sustainable energy to be used in the port and in the nearby areas.

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