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Offshore Industry

With the ideally strategic location of Porto Central to serve the Brazilian oil & gas industry, mainly for the Campos, Santos and Espírito Santo basins, Porto Central has the scale and size to receive the largest offshore vessels and platforms, as well as accommodate the following:

  • Offshore supply base;
  • Spoolbase;
  • Shipyard to inspect and repair vessels;
  • Launching of rigid pipes;
  • Integration oil rig hull x modules;
  • Assembly of rig modules;
  • Manufacture of large size process equipment;
  • Heavy lift operations.

With the constant growth of the offshore market in Brazil, there is an ever-increasing demand for efficient offshore supply bases to support OSVs (Offshore Supply Vessels) as well as PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels) and PLSVs (Pipe Laying Support Vessels).

Offshore supply base

Porto Central is strategically located close to the main fields of production and exploration of oil and gas in Brazil, allowing real reduction of operation costs for the clients that come to operate offshore supply activities in Porto Central.


Considering the increase of traffic volume of OSVs in the Brazilian coast, as well as the large number of ships expected at Porto Central, the installation of shipyards for maintenance and repair of vessels, including large-sized dry-dock facility, becomes an important business opportunity.

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