Corporate Structure

Porto Central is a unique Brazilian private port project. The port is sponsored by TPK Logística S.A, a company with extensive experience in port operation, mining, civil construction, logistics, offshore industry and energy, whose main shareholder is the Polimix Organization, one of the largest concrete companies in Brazil, present in 21 Brazilian States and 6 other countries.

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Port of Rotterdam has over 600 years’ experience in successfully managing and developing world class port infrastructure in Rotterdam and today is the largest port industry in Europe and the 10th largest in the world.

With a throughput of 469 million tons of cargo per year, the Port of Rotterdam is the main gateway to a market of over 350 million consumers in Europe. The Port of Rotterdam has a total area of 12.606 hectares, including the new expansion of the Maasvlakte 2, and a total length of 42 km, accommodating several terminals and industries, capable of receiving the largest vessels in the world 24 hours per day.

The port owns its leading position due to its outstanding accessibility for sea-going vessels and intermodal connections by inland shipping, roads, railroads and pipeline access.

The port of Rotterdam is today a global hub for international trade and home to some of the world’s leading industrial clusters. As Europe’s largest industrial port, the Port of Rotterdam uses its knowledge and experience to manage and develop ports and industrial areas internationally.

The Port of Rotterdam offers advisory services in port management, tailored professional training programmes for port authorities and stakeholders and digital business solutions. To add long-term value, the Port of Rotterdam also invests as a shareholder in port management companies and port infrastructures together with local partners.

The involvement of the Port of Rotterdam ensures world class port facilities, safe, reliable and efficient operations, as well as a transparent business environment. In addition, it enables you to access a network of potential investors and clients, companies and other ports, offering new business opportunities, commercial advantages and operational synergies among global players.

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